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The primary objective of the "Meta Learning in the 21st Century" CPD program is to equip teachers with a deep understanding of brain-based learning, advanced teaching strategies, and technology integration to enhance the overall educational experience. The program aims to address current challenges in education by providing teachers with the knowledge and tools to create engaging, effective, and inclusive learning environments.

This course is designed for beginner to intermediate students aged 12 and younger. The course will cover several programming languages, including HTML, SQL, JavaScript, Bash/Unix, and Python. It will initially focus on web development but also touch upon other programming concepts. The course will be project-based, with an emphasis on hands-on learning and practical application of coding skills. Students can access online resources, coding examples, and exercises to supplement their learning.

Master the art of AI with this advanced course that feeds your curiosity
towards understanding and implementing computer vision, voice
recognition, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks and more
expert processes born out of AI. Also learn about some great AI & ML
innovations that the world has witnessed.

  • Futuristic

  • Inspiring

  • Influential

In this course Hop on a ride to the future and learn the principles, purpose
and types of Artificial intelligence. Gain knowledge on its technologies and
its application in the real-world in the most creative essence. Also get your
hand how machine learning  helps in day to day life 

  • Futuristic

  • Inspiring

  • Influential

If you think you have an adequate supply of cybersecurity knowledge then boost your ride in cyberspace with us. The Cyber commander course helps you enhance your capabilities and measure threats, risks, and impacts while expanding your analytical knowledge and sitting deep to Investigate recent real-world popular data breaches. Join this course and announce that you possess the capability to perform this critical skill and shore up corporate security.

  • Network Security

  • Ethical Hacking

  • Cyber Wars

Do you see yourself as cyber police? Now is the time to join the crew and pave your way to be the next Cybersecurity technologist. Follow the course in its journey of interactive and hypnotic practical learning. Revolve your thinking around various Threat vectors like Botnets, Malware, and Trojans. Develop core capabilities in cybersecurity and laminate your potential with skills that organizations are most sought after globally.

  • Network Security

  • Ethical Hacking

  • Curious Investigations

NFT & Blockchain are the two most sought-after pods on the big wheel that
everyone wants to ride on. But there are a lot of theoretical concepts
around it that you should know about before getting your hands dirty in
the actual code of a decentralized app. If you consider your knowledge in
Web 3.0 at the middle level then this course gives you a chance to
expertise. This trending technology has transformed businesses
operations, making spaces for blockchain professionals. Want to develop
your first decentralized application from scratch? Sign up today!

  • NFT

  • Intuitive

  • Innovation

To all those who are familiar with NFT, Cryptocurrency, blockchain and other trending words from the third generation of web technology, let’s explore more chambers of Web3 to help you gain a firm grasp of the principles and practices around its ideas. Get ready to plan an innovative platform that connects people to form a community.

  • NFT

  • Intuitive

  • Innovation

If you had buzzwords like “blockchain”, “decentralization” or cryptocurrency sway past your ears, let’s give your hearing the right information by knowing about Web3.0. This 3rd generation of evolution to web technology is present everywhere these days, whether it’s social media, the news, or investment plans. Having a unique vocabulary on its back Web3 has big goals to achieve. Want to know more and learn about Web3 jargons and technologies? Enroll in this course and give your curiosity the right direction.

  • Present-day Technology

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Convincing Content

Improving your mobile apps is key to growth and establish a brighter
presence in the market. In this course learn how to make your app not
miss a beat by integrating it with trending API’s. Root deeper into the
hearts of your users by creating the most user-friendly apps, catch every
eye and grab every attention with your masterpiece. And use future
technologies to set higher goals.

  • Advanced App development

  • Future Technologies

  • Integrations

Mobile technology never stops evolving. Don’t hold back, pick up the keys
to unlock useful resources and use them towards problem solving. This
course teaches you how to develop mobile apps using simple processes.
Give your ideas a handheld device. Learn how to develop your first app for
Android, iOS or Windows.

  • App development

  • Resourceful

  • Productive

Level Play Station is a course designed for students who want to be an expert in game development. Through this, you can explore your creative mind and push the boundaries of your imagination. And also, you can learn how to build a 3D world of your own through Unity and how to integrate everything.

  • Build 3D Unity Game

  • Logical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Build Your Magic World

Level Gameboy is the next level to your game development journey.This course is designed for students who have learned the basics and stepped into game development.Here you learn through real-time project and help you to build a solid foundation for game design and game development that will help you build your own 2D game.

If you had buzzwords like “blockchain”, “decentralization” or cryptocurrency sway past your ears, let’s give your hearing the right information by knowing about Web3.0. This 3rd generation of evolution to web technology is present everywhere these days, whether it’s social media, the news, or investment plans. Having a unique vocabulary on its back Web3 has big goals to achieve. Want to know more and learn about Web3 jargon and technologies? Enroll in this course and give your curiosity the right direction.

Why stop there? You got a lot ahead of you. Challenge yourself and push forward. Web Development doesn't stop here. It's time to become Web Ninja.
Through this course, the student will step into Full stack development where Full stack developers are experts in the “full stack” of website-related technologies. Here we help students to explore their full potential and widen their imaginations to create exciting websites. And also learn new languages like PHP, Node js etc.

Hello,champ! You have started your web developer journey and stepped into the world of the internet.Now it's time to step on to the next stage of your developer journey,which is to become Web Guru.

Through this next-level course,you will step into the web with the back end.Here Students learn things like what happens behind a website,how it works,whats a server etc.Here students will learn how to use languages like Python and SQL to interact with the back end and get to know what happens there.This course help to up skill yourself and explore more.

Our Web champs course allows Students to Build their first websites to express content and explore their creativity and imagination. It will make them understand how things on the internet work. It's designed in a way that is fun, interactive, and creative level. Students will learn to use languages like HTML, style it with CSS and make it more interactive with JS. Don't worry about these terms! We got you there.

The Level Atari course focuses on creating a solid foundation for creativity, imagination, and logical thinking. The course is designed for students between the ages of 6-10, where they will the basics of game development, what a game is made up of, and much more!

Get to know about Artificial Intelligence, its types, its technologies, and its endless capabilities. Innovator Minsky course will not fail to answer your curiosity about AI. Take this course and engross yourself in the project-based learning approach it follows. Understand the Basics and Foundations of Machine Learning, NLP, patterns, and face detection while you practically implement it. Students between the ages of  8-11 are encouraged to join this productive course.

Enroll in Captain Programming course and dive into some advanced python skills that will allow you to take your programming skills to the next level. Learn new paradigms like Data Science, Machine Learning, and more. Absorb the skills to write clean, and effective code and emerge as an advanced Python programmer. This course is designed keeping in mind, students between the ages of 16-18.

Take your Programming skills to the next level with Programming Wizard course. Get acquainted with more complex Python concepts. If you are new to Python, we recommend you to first take our beginners course “Blackboard Programming” as a prerequisite. The beginner course takes you on a comprehensive tour through the Python programming language and related concepts before you next your next steps with this course. The journey through this course is most suitable for students of ages 13-15.

Introduce yourself to python programming fundamentals with the Blackboard Programming course. Get your hands-on block and text programming and say hello to the world of Python programming. Sign up for this exciting course if you are between the age of 8-12. The sessions at this course help you build a solid foundation for progressive learning and career development

This course is a beginner-friendly introduction into the world of progamming and the python language.

A brief introduction to the inner workings of the human brain, and tips on how to effectively use the brain to maximize productivity and potential.

This course hopes to help you attain financial literacy as an international student in the US. Within this course, you'll learn how to manage your finances, how to file taxes, and finally, how to make money as an international student!